Creative Arts

All arts are creative arts. Doing art for the sake of art is the gate of creativity. It is the expression of the soul in the canvass of the world.

The artistic expression that is brought by creative arts is not just for the pleasure of the eyes but for the very purpose of creation itself. Creativity is the nature of the soul. Creation is its pleasure and essence of being.

Creative arts is the process of reflecting the inner beauty of the artist for the world and the artist himself to behold. The beauty of the artistic creation is not only intrinsic to the object but also in the ones who perceived it and created it. Thus says the famous saying “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.

The proof is how its message resounds with the spirit of the beholder even without explicit words for it. A picture indeed paints a thousand words. And this picture is oftentimes expressed in graphic design.

I recently had the privilege of working with Creative Repute to produce signage designs. The entire design process from start-to-finish was fantastic: the artist who worked with us was extremely responsive to our questions and needs every step of the way, and ultimately really helped us to turn our ideas and concepts into something beautiful. I could not be happier with the Creative Repute!

Elizabeth McGinsky

Elizabeth McGinsky Enterprise Center

Nile worked with our nonprofit organization to design promotional material for multiple events. She turned projects around quickly and professionally, incorporated our feedback, and even took the time to show us how to alter templates of posters so we could update them ourselves! We’re so happy we got to work with her and will be contacting her for future jobs.

Lillian Dunn

Lillian Dunn village of arts and humanities

I can’t say enough good things about Nile Livingston and Creative Repute. They fulfilled a variety of graphic design and web support needs for a complex, year-long music project: design of a project logo, design of print and online advertising, design and support of a dedicated website, design of our concert program, and more. The CR team showed exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness to the historical and cultural intentions of the project, and worked attentively with us to express an aesthetic that embodies the project’s narrative. Nile has been available whenever we’ve called on her for advice, for problem-solving, or to explore a new assignment. They consistently met our agreed deadlines. As we bring the project to a close, CR’s work is part of what has made the project memorable and impactful.

Germaine Ingram

Germaine Ingram Pew Fellow

It was such a pleasure working with Nile from Creative Repute! She created beautiful illustrations for a coalition project, captured our vision perfectly and delivered the finished projects quickly.

Zakia Elliott

Zakia Elliott is a Program Manager at Philly Climate Works