As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy”. Set aside some leisure time in this fast moving world to de-clutter your mind.

The posts in this category are playful ones we at Creative Repute would occasionally write. We are so creative that even in our leisure time we find ways to get creative. Sure we give some quality artistic services but even the best ones take a break, right?

When we’re not working (although to be honest we would like to be always working), we would scour the internet for some funny, inspiring, or relaxing memes or ideas. The internet can be full of surprises and it surprises us nonetheless.

We don’t want the rest of the internet to have all the fun. We’ll jump right in. We ain’t a bunch of bores who just work for the money. We are a team of badass– not gangster badass but talented badass.

Even doing leisure time isn’t fruitless in terms of business. Ever heard of guerrilla marketing? Read along now.

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