Brand Identity

Brand Identity is how the business wants to be perceived by the consumers. It is the underlying principle of how the business expresses itself in its logos, typeface, advertisements, graphic designs, slogan, tag-line. It must first be determined by the business to offer direction on how to execute its strategies for branding.

Having a brand identity is important for any business– big or small. Without it, the consumer will not easily remember the business and they may eventually go to the competitors. A business that is easily forgotten will not be able to retain customers and revenue. It will result in an eventual bankruptcy.

The key for a successful brand identity is consistency. All  the components of brand must have a unity with the theme and purpose in order to maintain its integrity. Color schemes must be recognizable. Slogans or tag-lines must cooperate in advertising efforts. And the logo must serve as a unifying symbol for the whole business.

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