Everything has a beginning. We can find the essence of something by tracing where it began. That is why history is so important.

History technically began when man learned how to write. Thus the name is like a portmanteau of the words “his” and “story”. It is the story of man.

Throughout the ages graphic design has been used to portray messages long before the alphabet system was instituted. People communicated using symbols of either characters, hieroglyphics, or cuneiform. Pictures paint thousands of words even way back then.

With that said, history is not only written but also drawn, illustrated, and captured. The Mona Lisa, Sistine Chapel Fresco, Starry Starry Night are much a part of it as with the Swastika, Yin-yang, and the historical photos.

Not only does graphic design record or write history but also changed it or molded it through the ages. The blog posts in this category will take you into a journey to the past

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